I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel. I focus on the pain, the only thing that's real.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Listening to :
Boys And Girls by Pixie Lott

so, our semester break has started and when i return to college again, ill be introduced to another group of mates. meanwhile, thinking bout this. im really, seriously, completely, gonna miss my 1st sem classmates!


i treat her like a sister :) always getting me worried, but i know she's always strong.


first girl i talked to during our july intake, and im glad i did :)


crazy dude, who's driving skills is worse than mine :P

Chee Ho

'Self praise is no praise'
same birth date, got quite a few in common. e.g., taste in music ;)
i cant wait to celebrate our birthday!

Chi Mei

this girl is really good in computer graphic, something im not good in :P

Chong Kit

the first guy i talked to during our july intake. up until now, i still love bullying him ;)


you have no idea how happy i was to find a white guy in our class :P hahahahahaha
always caring, and thoughtful.
btw, you/me still owe each other a yumcha session. heh


we love to dance! ;) thats something, yo. plus, we're atheist buddies.


The red head. need i say more? :P

Lai Yee

i gotta admit, i was afraid when she forcefully told me to swallow a sushi whole, ahahha.


purple's her favourite colour too! :D


im sorry, but you deserve an extra picture of yourself. hahhahaha


silly, yet fun.
someone who isnt shy to shout 'penis' (hint: 500 Days of Summer) numerous times at my neighborhood's park.
besides that, i enjoyed watching 50 First Dates with him :)

lousy boyfriend :P

John Reuben

i always wanted to pinch his cheeks, but never got the chance too. lol


always there - to witness my embarrassing, silliest, craziest, stupid, sad and happy moments :)
someone who knows my deepest, darkest secrets ;)

besides that, i enjoy teasing him and telling him cheesy lines.

P.S., dear me, he knows where im most tickled.


im sure i wasnt shocked when i found out she speaks mandarin. damn, i suck :P
(gotta brush up on my mandarin)


the shy, curious, and helpful :)


silly boy, always worrying that ill beat him in class presentations :P hahahahah


somehow, he's the only one im pleased to receive complements from :)


tiny, but scary :P i thought i was good at debating, but i was wrong :D


i like her hugs, pretty smiles :)
thanks so much for helping me when i fell sick.


im really glad we hit on a good start. someone i grew close to and eventually, became my brother :)

always there to give harsh, honest opinions or advices.
and silly faces to me laugh :)


my one and only darling! hehehehehe.


he has given me an image, well, images - that ill never, ever forget.
dont judge him, cause he's more than meets the eyes :)


always smiling. thanks so much for lending me your jacket. lol

i didnt write much, cause by heart, you know there's more. thanks so much for all the wonderful times youve given me.

always a team :)

memorable birthday surprises.

games, assignment, presentations.

heart-felt moments

thank you for everything and so much more.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Rain down on me

Listening to :
Rain down on me by Kane

please, stop hurting me.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

I hate myself

Listening to :
Our Diabolika Rapture by HIM

I hate myself and want to die
I question life, and I ask why?
This falsehood always makes me cry
How can existence be a lie?

I travel through the maze of life
Through the bleeding, and the strife
Along with me, I bring a knife
Incase I need to end my life

Or, perhaps if it need be,
The knife could find a use with me.
I can draw two pretty lines,
Two pretty lines, that look like vines,
As I remember the good times.

Now I can feel from up high,
Drops of water, from the sky.
As I look up, I see the rain,
The rain to wash away my pain.

From sad lines, or rather vines,
Comes rushing, gushing, deep red blood,
The blood that ends up in the mud.
Whilst my sorrows wash away,
I realize its my last day.

As my vision narrows in,
I ask myself, is this a sin?
A puddle, growing by my feet,
Soon my heart will cease to beat.

My balance failing, vision ailing,
Now I spear the spirits wailing.
Down I fall, beside the wall,
And I slouch again and crawl,

Now i feel death creeping in,
A place before i've never been.
I then cry, blindly ask why?
I hate myself and want to die.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Love once inside my heart, now lay in your hands.

Listening to :
Hella Good by No Doubt

it's the way he brightens up my gloomy days, it's the way he makes me smile;
the way he makes me happy.

it's the way he smiles, the way he laughs;
it's also the way he frowns.

it's the way he eats, it's the way he drinks
- it's the way he's always hungry!

it's the way he yawns, it's the way he sleeps.

it's the way he talks, it's the way he whispers.

it's the way he blows kisses my way,
it's the way he expects em' back, too.

it's the way he kisses my forehead,
it's the way he bites my lips.

it's the way he touches me,
it's the way he makes me feel safe and warm.

it's the promises he keeps,
it's the dreams he makes come true.

it's the way he cares, the way he misses,
it's the way he loves me, too.

it's the way you make me feel, it's the way i fall in love with you.

© Abbie Lyann Joseph Leong


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I like you - but, not entirely.

Listening to ;
Listen To Your Heart by DHT

i like you, alot.
but i dont

hey, i really like you.

i actually really like you.
you look nice today

i like you, we should get together.
ill break your heart

i like you, like more than a friend.
cool, cause i consider you as my best friend

i like you, really.
no thanks

i like you
i love you too